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Bocaina National Park is a vast area of protected Atlantic rainforest in the middle of Brazil. We are in a mission to help preserved it and you can help. Contact us for more.

Our mission is to create the best tools at scale for global nature preservation.

Forests are being destroyed world wide and it is affecting everyone.  Despite the awareness, there are no tools to facilitate the preservation. It’s hard to invest in preservation. It’s hard to know where the investment is used and it’s difficult to track long term impact and guarantees. 

Preservation is a must. Join us in our proposition to preserve 1% of the available preservable land in Brazil in the next 2 years.

Our Solution

A platform to enable true and innovative environment conservation

Our Preservation platform uses technology to disintermediate preservation investment enabling true preservation in a verifiable way.


Search the available areas to preserve

Make the investment at scale

Receive a NFT and track your impact

Full ESG impact report always ready to present

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