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Preservaland Ensuring Innovative Environmental Conservation

Environmentally sustainable growth (ESG) is the only way to support economic growth and eradicate poverty without further damaging the environment of the planet we call home. 

Did you know mankind is chopping down over 15 billion trees every year

Corporations around the globe are consuming natural resources, such as forests, and churning out toxins. A report revealed that industries around the world release over 10 million (21 billion) tons of toxic chemicals into our environment every year. 

Think of it as damaging the earth’s lungs while filling the atmosphere with toxic gases. How long can this go on till the damage is irreversible? World’s political figures, celebrities, and organizations have been the voice of the planet and creating awareness. However, no tools are yet available to facilitate environmental preservation. 

This is where Preservaland has been the catalyst for change and leading by example to encourage investors to come forward to invest in preservation technology and solutions. 

Who is Preservaland?

Preservaland is a platform not only creating awareness on the importance of environmental conservation but also envisioning true and innovative solutions to help the planet heal. With forests disappearing from the face of the planet, the effects are staring us in the face in the form of extreme weather and resources depleting too quickly. 

Preservaland believes that preservation of earth’s environment is a must.” Therefore, we are currently appealing to investors to join the cause and preserve 1% of Brazil’s preservable land in the next 2 years. 

What We Do

Our environmental preservation platform utilizes solutions and technology to reduce the intermediaries in the preservation investment arena. This allows us to truly enable environmental preservation in a verifiable way. 

Why Us?

You will be able to use our tech that allows the creation of digital assets while tracking preservation efforts at a lower cost. If you wish to conserve flora and fauna for your future generation, the timing and demand for ESG investing actions have never been so imminent. 

3 Challenges for Preservaland

The struggle lies in translating awareness into getting the world to create tools to make environmental preservation a reality. The three reasons why we have to face this challenge are also a part of the report published in 2020 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

  • Hard to Invest and Find Investment

It is hard to find platforms to invest in and hard to find investments to enable the development of solutions for preservation. Even when an investor looks for a preservation opportunity, there is a market bias and skepticism on the development of ESG solutions.  

Companies are not sure about which ventures to invest in and if the cause is actually true. Lack of resources, platforms, and research options to find the right preservation projects drive the companies away. 

  • Hard to Know the Progress

Even when an investor wants to put the money towards the cause, it is very hard to know to whom the investment will go and where it will be used. There is uncertainty about the use, the progress, and if the investment is for the just cause. This also creates a big “if” in the minds of the people and companies willing to invest. 

Therefore, to unlock the true potential of ESG investing, it needs greater attention and effort. The preservation industry must improve international consistency, transparency, alignment, and materiality clarity. 

  • Hard to Track the Impact 

The scale of the damage on a global scale is so high that it is hard to track any short-term and long-term impacts. Furthermore, there are no guarantees if the investment will be worthwhile or not. This is one of the major reasons why most projects crash before even taking off. 

Preservaland Solution

We at Preservaland offer a solution by acting as a platform that uses technology to eliminate the intermediaries in the preservation investment chain. This will provide more direct and transparent interaction between the investors and the solution provided. Time to peel-off the unnecessary layers and get rid of the middleman. 

Our solution for ESG investment is variable and involves

  • You can search the catalog of already preserved areas and choose the areas you wish to stay preserved.
  • You can choose how big of an investment you want to make.
  • You will receive an NFT and track the impact of your investment including carbon footprint. 
  • A full ESG impact report will be readily available in real time at any time. 

If you are a company interested in investing in environmental preservation solutions, we simplify the entire ESG investment process for you. 

  • You can choose an area to preserve based on the indexes. Select one that makes the most sense based on your preservation strategy. 
  • Process the payment, and you are all set. 
  • You will be receiving a full monitoring report of your preserved area in a weekly email.
    You can also access your ready-to-use ESG report in your personalized dashboard. 

Breakdown of How We Ensure the Impact of Investment

We enter into a contract with the preserved area landowner to convert that land into a federal legal reserve. This allows us to ensure that the preserved area has the protection for legislative regulations. 

Preservaland will generate the token in NFT, and any company or a person in the world can acquire this NFT. The NFT is actually a unique card with worldwide recognized preservation indexes such as water producer, biome wealth, and carbon-capture potential. 

Our platform enables the owner of the NFT to monitor the area they invested in preserving in real-time. Furthermore, they will also be able to generate a sustainability report directly from their dashboard instantly.

Our Journey and What We Do?

We have a team of environmental engineers who identify areas with surplus forest. They run a complete analysis of the area. Upon their satisfactory report, we sign an option contract with a preserved land’s owner to convert the entire site into a legal reserve. 

Upon successfully signing the contract, our forestry specialists register this patch of land on the Preservaland platform with all its environmental attributes. Our platform will then divide the areas based on the characteristics of each place.

The next step is the generation of contracts in NFT and lastly creation of the cards. Our platform even allows you to sell your NFTs, or you can sell them on OpenSea and Coinbase.  

Everyone interested in environmental preservation has a reason behind the cause. Therefore, we have created our Preservaland Global Preservation Index, an open global index for any developer or company around the world to use and improve it as per their needs. 

Our index has earned the support of scientific papers, data scientists, articles, forest engineers, and global environmental conservation organizations. The objective of this index is to generate a number to quickly reference the importance of the conservation of a particular patch of land. 

Preservation is probably one of the quicker and cost-effective ways to slow the adverse impact of climate change on a global scale. However, our strategy has two major components. 

If you really want to make the most of your ESG investment, then preservation is a far better strategy to spend your money than restoration. At Preservaland, our go-to-market preservation strategy focuses on the forest surplus as these are nearly in almost every rural property. 

The best part is that these areas are already preserved by their owners. All we have to do is convince the owners to convert their preserved land into a permanent preserved site. 

Once they agree, we sign a contract, and the entire land owned by the signee gets the legal protection of the law. This means, no entity, company, or organization can harm its integrity and existence. 

In return for signing the contract for making them land a preserved site legally, the landowner receives a financial incentive for taking care of the forest. 

Forests are the lungs of the planet. Like human lungs breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. So, Preservaland’s mission is to maintain this equilibrium for the survival of both species. 

Efforts to preserve the forests are in some way the efforts to preserve human life on the planet. After all, we humans cannot survive without oxygen, and without forests, it will be a scarce commodity. Therefore, we must do our best to protect this carbon-capture tech by Mother Nature.

Our core purpose is to ensure that humanity and our future generations get a healthier planet than it is now. Therefore, it is our responsibility to nature the right conditions to flourish and do its job. If you wish the nation to sustain its diversity, it is vital to conserve the most important forests in the world. 

Bottom Line – The Business Model 

At preservaland, our vision is to leave the planet with a better environment than we found it. The core objective to ensure a healthy environment for our children requires a planet with more greenery and thick forests. 

We want to see a more eco-friendly world in the future, where all of us play a part in reducing the carbon footprint. A future where forests are treasured for being a vital source of our continuity of our species as well as our planet. 

If you are a company looking for an investment opportunity in forest preservation, visit our website today and make a difference. 



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