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Preservaland’s ESG NFTs: An Investment in Earth’s Future

We’ve all felt it recently. The heat, the storms, the feeling that something isn’t quite right. A change is happening to this planet, and we need to take action now. That’s why Preservaland has launched an ESG NFT intended to save one of our planet’s greatest resources: our forests. 

In 2019 alone, Brazilian rainforests lost an entire soccer-field worth of trees every six seconds. This rapid devastation is removing the best carbon-capture method we currently have, earth’s forests. So what can be done to stop it? Preservaland believes their NFTs offer a viable solution.  

Their environmental NFT allows you to select an area of the Brazilian Rainforest you want to preserve, and Preservaland will help turn it into a federal legal reserve. You can even track the impact your investment is making through comprehensive environmental reports. Preservaland makes the whole process simple and sustainable, so you can easily invest in our world’s environmental future.

So what exactly are federal legal reserves, and how can they protect Brazilian rainforests from destruction?

What are Federal Legal Reserves?

According to the Brazilian forest code, federal legal reserves are essentially purchased pieces of the Brazilian rainforest that are safe from deforestation. These legal reserves are massively beneficial to the forest’s inhabitants, protecting not only the plant life but countless species of animals. Many of the animals that reside within Brazilian rainforests are currently facing extinction, with 36-57% of them currently at risk of disappearing entirely

To prevent this, Preservaland engages in a contract with the current land owner of a selected piece of forest. Then an acquirable NFT is generated, and that area becomes a legal reserve. As a legal reserve, that section of Brazilian rainforest will be free from agricultural expansion, so the plant and animal life within it are safe from eradication.  

Once the NFT is purchased, that piece of the Atlantic Rainforest can be monitored through Preservaland’s preservation platform. The company will also generate sustainability reports about the area you’ve selected, sending them via both their preservation platform and a weekly email service. 

Selecting land, turning it into a reserve, creating an NFT; all of this can make the process sound incredibly complex. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Preservaland understands that the usual process for environmental investment can be very frustrating. That’s why they have broken the procedure down into five easy steps. 

5 Easy Steps to Getting Your ESG NFT

  1. Contact a Preservaland representative
  2. Select a preservation area
  3. Make your investment 
  4. Receive your NFT
  5. Track your environmental impact

All you have to do is choose the area based on what indexes best match your ESG strategy, then your investment is processed.  From there a NFT capturing your unique part of the rainforest is generated, and you take ownership. After that you can monitor your preserved area through a personalized dashboard.

This dashboard will track various environmental characteristics of your preserved land. These characteristics include the carbon-capture potential of that section of rainforest, how much clean water it can help produce, and the overall biome wealth present within the region. 

 Preservaland wants you to rest easy knowing your money is hard at work helping establish a future for our planet’s rainforests. So you might be wondering, who exactly is Preservaland?

Preservaland: Striving for Sustainability

Preservaland is a California-based company dedicated to creating the best tools to facilitate global nature preservation. There are very few existing ways for ESG investors to actually see how their money is going to benefit the environment. Even when a company claims to follow every ESG standard, it’s still difficult to track the long term impact. Where is the guarantee that your investment is truly making a difference? 

That’s why Preservaland created a way to merge cutting-edge tech and environmental conservation with their ESG NFT. While some think that technology does more harm than good, Preservaland wants to utilize any method at humanity’s disposal in the fight against environmental destruction. In this way, they hope to help preserve earth’s flora and fauna for future generations. Their goal is to preserve 1% of the available land in Brazil in only the next 2 years. 

Preservaland’s philosophy is that an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. By prioritizing preservation instead of restoration, the company aims to get ahead of deforestation before it gets even worse. 

Preservaland wants the public to realize that tree’s are the best way we have of capturing CO2, and all of the hypothetical carbon-capture tech in the world can’t beat this dwindling and vital resource. Their main strategy is to target the forest surplus in South America, an area of rural property available for purchase in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest.

The Atlantic Rainforest

The Atlantic Rainforest is located not too far from the famous Amazon Rainforest, and stretches along the eastern coast of Brazil. Like the Amazon, it is being critically threatened and desperately needs our help. It’s a magnificently biodiverse area of jungle, and home to 450 different species of trees. In addition to its plentiful flora, the Atlantic is also home to a large population of fauna. 

5% of the world’s vertebrate animal species reside in the Atlantic, along with 7% of the world’s plant species. Many of these species don’t exist anywhere else on the planet, and new species are constantly being found within its borders. 

Despite it’s tremendous value, this forest is constantly ravaged by expanding human population and deforestation. Less than 12% of the original Atlantic Rainforest is left, and the remainder is shattered and disconnected. Despite this damage the Atlantic can still be saved. One way to do this is by working with companies like Preservaland.

Preservaland wants to help individuals and companies make direct investments in preservation in the most transparent and technological way possible. They believe their ESG NFTs are the best method to do this. 

What is an ESG NFT? 

ESG NFTs are socially responsible investment tools that combine the concept of an ESG investing strategy with the popular crypto tokens known as “NFTs”. It can be better understood by breaking down each of these components individually. 

What is an ESG investing strategy?

ESG, or environmental, social, and governance,  is a strategy used by socially conscious investors to ensure their money is being used for the betterment of the planet. It’s a way of evaluating companies to make sure they are working towards helping their fellow man. It is also sometimes referred to as responsible investing, sustainable investing, and impact investing. Each letter of an ESG analysis can be broken down into simple parts.

E: This stands for environmental, and involves looking at how a company impacts the environment. Their carbon emissions, contribution to pollution, how they manage their waste and water usage, their green energy initiatives, and whether or not they cause deforestation. 

Basically, you determine whether or not this company is concerned with our planet’s future, and what they are doing to make a difference.  

S: The “S” stands for social, and is concerned with how the company culture and how they treat their employees. Do they encourage diversity with their hiring, do they employ fair labor practices, are their employees and customers satisfied, do they have comprehensive sexual harassment policies?  

Overall, this step is intended to look at anything and everything to do with how the company treats people and works with society as a whole. 

G: The final letter in ESG stands for governance. This has to do with the executive level of the company’s operations, and how the company interacts with the government. Questions to ask when considering this would be are the board members diverse? Does the company lobby or make political contributions for profit? Do the executives give themselves large salaries or bonuses? Has the company ever been sued, or accused of corruption?

 By looking at the company’s highest ranking officers, investors can get an idea of what the company’s goals truly are. 

What are NFTs?

The second part of the equation is “NFTs”. NFT stands for non-fungible token, a digital data unit stored within the blockchain. Non-fungible basically means it cannot be replaced, and each NFT is one-of-a-kind. 

Think of it like a piece of art like the Mona Lisa: There is no other Mona Lisa you could trade, so if you purchase that piece of art you know that you are the only one in the world that possesses it. In the same way, your section of rainforest will be like no one else’s; an irreplaceable piece of the earth you have personally helped to preserve.

So how can I get an ESG NFT from Preservaland? 

The best way is to contact Preservaland for more information. From there, you’ll get to select an area of Bocaina National Park (located in the Atlantic Rainforest)  to convert into a legal reserve. Preservaland’s team of environmental engineers analyzes each piece of land to assess it’s environmental attributes, so you can select a personalized section of the rainforest to preserve. Then, an NFT is generated. This NFT can be purchased on Perservaland’s own platform, as well as Coinbase and OpenSea. 
Time is running out for change, and companies like Preservaland have a solution. If you want to help preserve a piece of the Brazilian rainforest, you’ll want to act fast. Get your ESG NFT by contacting Preservaland now!



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