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Our purpose is to create the best tools at scale for global environmental impact

Forests are being destroyed world wide and it is affecting everyone.  Despite the awareness, there are no tools to facilitate the preservation. It’s hard to invest in preservation. It’s hard to know where the investment is used and it’s difficult to track long term impact and guarantees. 

Preservation is a must. Join us in our proposition to preserve 1% of the available preservable land in Brazil in the next 2 years.

Trees: nature’s best carbon-capture technology

Nature already created the best tech available to preserve at scale. Our core purpose is to make sure that humanity is giving the right conditions to nature do its job and Conserve the world’s most important forests to sustain nature’s diversity.

Advaced satellite Imaging technology to identify and track land preservation

We believe everyone has a reason to care about the preservation and we are excited to do our part. That’s why we created the Preservaland Global Preservation Index and made it open-source so that any company or developer in the world can use it and improve it.

Our index is supported by scientific articles, paper, global environmental conservation entities, forest engineers and data scientists. The objective is to generate a simple number, which helps to quickly reference the conservation importance of a specific area.

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